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  • 18 General

    I want to buy KeyWe Door Lock.

    We are doing our best to launch the KeyWe Door Lock as soon as possible.

    Please leave your contact information at PRE-ORDER on the top of the homepage and we will get in touch with you around the release date. 

  • 17 General

    I lost my smartphone.

    In the case you lose your smartphone:

    The user with Administrator access rights can block others from controlling the door lock with lost phones.
     1. Access the KeyWe App via the Administrator's account
     2. Press Access Record & User settings on the main page and move to the member tab
     3. Swipe the name of the user you want to block from right to left and press Delete to erase all access rights.

    In case of loss of the Administrator’s smartphone:

    Report the loss on the KeyWe Homepage

    1. GO to thekeywe.com and connect to the KeyWe Homepage
     2. Click MY KEYWE on the top right corner and click Lost Smartphone / Loss of smartphone
     3. Follow the instructions and register the phone number of the Administrator.

  • 16 General

    Can I still open the door even if my smartphone battery dies?

    If you can't use your app because your smartphone battery dies, you can use the number keypad on the KeyWe Door Lock to open the door.

    1. Touch the door lock to activate the number keypad.
    2. Enter the registered passcode and open the door. 

  • 15 General

    Does the smartphone have to be connected to the Internet to use KeyWe Door Lock?

    You can use the KeyWe Door Lock without an Internet connection. However,

    in order to use the automatic door opening system, a 3G or 4G network connection is necessary. 

  • 14 General

    Will sign-up be restricted if I don't have an email address?

    Yes, sign-up will be restricted if you don't enter an email address.

    After door lock registration, you must provide an email address to enable confirmation procedures in case of loss of smartphones or passwords. 

  • 13 General

    Does the door also open from the inside if the Smart Open function works?

    The Smart Open function gets activated when you approach the door from the outside.

    The function doesn't apply from the inside of the house. 

  • 12 General

    I feel uneasy with the door opening automatically. Is there another way to use it instead?

    The Smart Open function has been through many tests over a long period of time and you can be ensured of its safety and operation.

    However, if you still feel uneasy, you can use the Magic Touch function. If you touch the KeyWe Door Lock with the smartphone in which the KeyWe App is installed, the door opens. 

  • 11 General

    Do I need to keep Bluetooth turned on?

    The KeyWe Door Lock and the App on the smartphone exchanges the encrypted key codes via Bluetooth. To ensure smooth operation, we advise you to keep Bluetooth on your mobile device turned on. 

  • 10 APP

    Can I use the App with an older smartphone? What are the requirements to use the app?

    In order to use the app, your mobile device needs to fulfill the following requirements.

    1) Android device

    - Device with version 4.3(Jelly Bean) or above installed
     - Bluetooth 4.0 or above
     - Devices with below Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) may be restricted depending on the device.
     - Most devices within 3 years of publication nationally can be upgraded to Android version 5.0.
     - Ex: Most devices since Samsung Galaxy S3, LG G2 / Devices sold since 2014

    2) iOS device
    - iOS 8.0 and above - Any device since iPhone 5s
    3) General requirements

    - Devices working normally within the network
     - You can't use the Automatic Door Opening function properly with devices that cannot be connected to a 3G and/or 4G network.
     - Bluetooth needs to be turned on to use the door lock properly.

  • 9 Hardware

    Where is the Service Center?

    We will announce this information at the launching of KeyWe Door Lock. 

  • 8 APP

    Where can I download the app?

  • 7 APP

    I would like to invite other users.

    You can invite users through the following steps


    1. Open the KeyWe app and choose Menu, then Add user
    2. Enter the phone number of the new user, his/her access settings and access time (limit), and press complete/OK
    3. After the invitation confirmed, the new user will receive a SMS with a link
    4. Once the invitee installs the app, the key will be registered automatically. 

  • 6 APP

    I would like to limit a users access setting and time.

    If you would like to limit a user's access setting and time,

    1. The Administrator needs to access the KeyWe app on his/her device
    2. Go to Access record and user setting on the main page and move to the member tab
    3. Swipe the name of the respective user from right to left and press Edit
    4. Choose General or Restrict and set the desired time and date.  

  • 5 APP

    I would like to exclude users from being members.

    If you would like to exclude existing users from the members list,

    1. Connect to the KeyWe App from the Administrator account
    2. Go to Access Record & User Settings on the main page, then move to the member tab
    3. Swipe the name of the user who lost their device from right to left and press delete. 

  • 4 APP

    I can't remember my password.

    We are preparing a user page (My KeyWe) with the launch of KeyWe Door Lock.

    You will be able to change or reset your password through the My KeyWe page. 

  • 3 APP

    I would like to change my passoword

    We are preparing a user page (My KeyWe) with the launch of KeyWe Door Lock.

    You will be able to change or reset your password through the My KeyWe page. 

  • 2 APP

    Where do I sign-up / register?

    You can sign-up through the KeyWe App.

    Please download the KeyWe App and follow the instructions for sign-up. 

  • 1 APP

    How do I unregister? / How do I cancel my membership?

    You can unregister through the KeyWe App.